Day 9 – Kim Jaye shares her favourite Christmas cake and how to cook it

Let your imagination run riot says Kim as she shows off three different ways to decorate

Kim Jaye has always had a passion for cooking and has written two cookery books: A Taste of Spice and A Sense of Cooking and a host of online cookery videos. A keen fundraiser for RNIB’s Talking Books service, Kim is severely visually impaired and comes from Bolton. She lost most of her sight when she was 30 years old, due to a nerve condition.

Download Kim Jaye’s recipe in Word

Kim gets a sense of independence and contentment from cooking and she enjoys indulging in Christmas traditions; the things her family would do when her children were little and she now carries on with her grandchildren.

She loves to stock her freezer with various nibbles for Christmas eve, making and decorating her Christmas cake and putting up the tree, along with her 38-year-old Christmas angel! But most of all, she loves spending quality time with family and friends.

For more of her recipes, you can find Kim Jaye’s cook books’ ‘A Taste of Spice’ and ‘A Sense of Cooking’ on her website. Available as an eBook or large print, all profits go to RNIB too.

You can find RNIB products in her equipment list in the kitchen section of the RNIB shop.

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Download Kim Jaye’s recipe in Word