Day 8 – How to put old stamps to new use

Even bears can lend a paw for a good purpose

Today we say a big thank you to our donor Susan – who together with colleagues and her bear and very dear friend Mr PB – has collected a big box of stamps for RNIB.

Like Susan and Mr PB, if you receive cards and letters through the post, you can put their old stamps to good use by collecting them to make a difference for blind and partially sighted people.

All the stamps we get will be recycled into much-needed funds for our services.

Susan tells us she supports RNIB because of the connections of our love of reading, working in a library, and supporting #MANIL and #HiViz, and becoming more informed of the special help and support RNIB can offer.

Christmas is a big time of year for both Susan and MR PB as they look forward to having “turkey with our marmalade sandwiches and, paws crossed, being with bear-y special friends”.

If you want to be a stamp collector for RNIB, you just need to follow three easy steps.

1: Get pre-paid collection envelopes or boxes for your stamps by completing the request form, or by calling our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 option 4.

2: Start collecting stamps as they come through your post box or at your work. Stamps don’t need to be thoroughly sorted, but it helps if you can separate them into British and foreign stamps (Channel Islands and Isle of Man count as foreign). Make sure you leave a centimetre of envelope or packaging around each stamp. This is just a recommendation and stamps that have been trimmed less or more will still be accepted.

3: Pack up your envelope or box, and pop it in the post using our pre-paid address labels.