Day 5 – A big thank you as we celebrate International Volunteers’ Day

Rachel shares her story as our volunteer stars take the spotlight 

All year round our volunteers make a massive contribution to all aspects of work – from services to fundraising – at RNIB.  

Simply put, we couldn’t do the work we do without the help of the many, many people who volunteer with us and on 5 December, International Volunteers’ Day, it’s another chance to highlight this. 

Every volunteer’s story and motivation is different but today we are sharing Rachel’s story and why she loves Christmas.  

Rachel first interacted with RNIB as a service user, then became a volunteer and now manages volunteers in her role as Campaigns Manager at RNIB Cymru.  

“My favourite thing about Christmas is that I love seeing twinkling, sparkly lights against the dark. I suffer from particularly bad night blindness – so in the winter after 5pm the world comes to a close for me,” Rachel tells us. 

“The bright blinking twinkling lights are a great contrast against the dark, and it might be a mad kaleidoscope but at least I can see something.” She adds: “Christmas can be a really sensory experience – I can see shiny glitter and sequins and sparkle, I can feel the cold frosty air, along with the smells of spice and sugar, pine and candles, and wrapping up in the warmth of a deep fleecy blanket with a nice full warm mug of something that I usually wouldn’t drink before teatime. An all round great sensory experience!”