Day 20 – Take up Talk and Support’s Christmas quiz challenge as it turns 20

Today is a good date to celebrate 20 years of our support service

Our Talk and Support quizmaster Randolph has been with the service for nearly all of its 20 year-existence so he’s the perfect person to help us celebrate its double decade anniversary.

So this year, he’s giving you the chance to take the quiz he’s set members of our Talk and Support befriending groups and put your general knowledge to the test.

The befriending groups are free and should mean no one needs be alone as we hope they will find people with experience of a similar situation within the network. To get an idea of how, read Gill Southgate’s story about how she overcame feelings of isolation through Talk and Support.

Small group chats are run weekly over the phone and online by RNIB volunteers. Sign up today or call 0303 123 9999.