Day 16 - Let our Christmas reading list take you somewhere new

Find something different to read from RNIB’s Christmas library list of favourites

Even in the festive season, it can be nice to escape to a different time or place with a good book. Find the list below that our library team has compiled to take you somewhere new. From romance to thrillers and crime novels and Christmas recipes, it covers all the bases.

Five festive favourites

  • 19th Christmas by James Patterson. (Thriller)
    Chaos is unleashed across San Francisco on Christmas Day and Sergeant Lindsay Boxer is called on to save people from a Christmas they’d never forget.
  • Rag-and-bone Christmas by Dilly Court. (Family stories)
    In December 1865, Sally Suggs’ father – a skilled rag-and-bone man – has fallen ill, With no one there to protect them, she’s driven to find a way to survive.
  • The Christmas murder game by Alexandra Benedict. (Modern Crime)
    Lily Armitage is called back to Endgame House to take part in an annual tradition: The Christmas Game, where she stands to win the deeds to the manor house and find out who really killed her mother 21 Christmases ago.

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