Day 15 – Counting down the days to Christmas is more fun and inclusive with AD adverts

Watch our video as Claire, Sophie and Glen reveal how important audio description is to the Christmas experience.

Claire, Sophie and Glen are big fans of Christmas. Now that their favourite John Lewis Christmas advert comes with audio description, they’re even more excited to watch and follow this year’s story with all the details.

Download the AD ads at Christmas video transcript in Word

Counting down the days to Christmas can feel just as exciting as the day itself, and those festive adverts help you get in the Christmassy mood. But when you’re blind or partially sighted and not able to watch the same things, it can be easy to feel left out. Audio description makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their favourite Christmas adverts – with someone narrating what’s going on, even down to facial expressions.

Sophie tells us about what a difference audio description makes to feeling included. For Glen, to see that a brand has considered visually impaired customers like himself, helps him to appreciate the retailer that bit more.

As Claire explains, being able to watch the adverts with audio description helps them all feel included in the festive season and everyone gets to share that magical feeling.

Download the AD ads at Christmas video transcript in Word