Day 13 - Our Elf Academy ensures everyone has the chance to receive a letter from Santa

There’s still time to sign up your elf to get a letter and Christmas inspiration

There’s still time for budding elves to sign up for our Elf Academy before Christmas.

Sign up your little elf before 15 December and they’ll receive a personalised letter from Santa, alongside lots of fun elf activities to do around Christmas – such as creating sensory and tactile dough to play with.


By making a donation to the Elf Academy, you’ll be helping us make Christmas more magical for children with vision impairment.

It’s easy to enrol your child:

  • We’ll ask for some details, like their name and their hopes for Christmas, so their letter feels extra special.
  • Make a donation and help RNIB send an accessible letter from Santa to a child with vision impairment this Christmas.
  • Then, like magic, Santa’s letter, elf activities and a Elf Academy Certificate will be on their way to your little elf!