Day 11 - How to share the excitement of Christmas in the West End

Watch Sarah and Madleen share their shop on social with the Hable One

Today our video shows Sarah and Madleen, out among the Christmas lights in the West End of London.

Sarah describes now impressive the lights are this year to Madleen: “there’s loads of butterflies, really colourful and glistening, sparkling”.

Download the shopping video transcript in Word

Being keen to share her excitement of the Christmas lights with her social media connections, Madleen uses the world’s smallest braille keyboard, Hable One to post her updates.

Hable One allows the user to input via braille into their social channels and functions with a smartphone. Once paired with your phone, the Bluetooth device is always there and ready to use.

It helps if you want to communicate in more than one language too. Madleen, a German speaker, is also able to comment on her post in German, as the Hable One can communicate in more than 10 languages.

Not a bad idea for a Christmas present, at £239, for more details on how to use the Hable One, just get in contact with RNIB’s Tech for Life team on 0303 123 9999.

Download the shopping video transcript in Word