Day 10 – Leave a life-changing gift this Christmas

Watch our video to see how James has been able to develop skills and overcome barriers

James was born with congenital nystagmus, a continuous uncontrollable movement of the eyes, that makes it hard to see. He used to struggle to keep up with other children at school – playing sports and doing other activities was difficult.

Download Leave a gift in your will transcript in Word

With support from RNIB James can now participate in these activities with confidence, feeling independent just like everyone else. He’s now able to take on new challenges; join in sports like karate, play computer games and cook his own meals.

Every day 250 people lose their sight and risk getting left behind. But you can make sure that they still have the same opportunities as anyone else and are able to achieve their goals.

By leaving a gift in your will you can change a person’s life – with RNIB’s support they can have the tools they need to develop skills and get ahead. To leave a gift, just call 0800 8100 660 or write an RNIB Will.

Download Leave a gift in your will transcript in Word