Day 1 - Christmas is coming closer:
Don’t forget today’s Letter from Santa deadline!

It’s the deadline for braille, audio and large print requests 

A warm welcome from RNIB and Keira, the star of this year’s RNIB Christmas campaign, as we open up our Christmas Advent Calendar for 2021! 

Getting a letter from Santa – in braille – with the help of RNIB made Keira feel differently and now she – along with Eli, another star of our campaign – wants all the 14,500 young blind and partially sighted children in the UK to a get a letter in a format they can read. 

Santa is busy working with the elves at RNIB to make sure all visually impaired children can receive a festive letter this Christmas.  

Our magical Letter from Santa scheme helps make sure Santa sends out his letters in the child’s preferred reading format, whether that be braille, audio or large print. 

Last year, we helped Santa send out almost 1,500 accessible letters, which brought smiles to little faces all over the UK! 

If you know a visually impaired child who would love to receive an accessible letter from Santa this Christmas, please send an accessible letter.

If the letter needs to be in braille, audio or large print please move quickly as today’s the deadline! 

If you would prefer to receive a reply via email (with a 16pt letter attached), please email by 22 December 2021. 

There is no cost to receive a reply from Santa, but in the spirit of giving, please make a donation.