Our Advent Calendar full of Christmas magic

We hope you’ll enjoy our special Advent Calendar – it’s full of festive landmarks, ideas and activities, as well as some of the heart-warming stories we’ve heard this year. Every day, there’s something new and, even, magical for you to discover.

There’s a new envelope to open each day. Inside we’ll show you how, with the help of our generous supporters, we’re working to make the world more inclusive and accessible for people with sight loss.

  • Day 1, locked
  • Day 2, locked
  • Day 3, locked
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  • Day 5, locked
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  • Day 24, locked

Magic Letters will change lives this Christmas

Meet Mila and Enya, two sisters with vision impairment. They are pictured here opening a very special envelope which contains a magical accessible letter from Santa written just for them.

It means they can read it for themselves, which will help them feel the magic of Christmas, and shows how important it is for everyone to feel included.

Find out more about our Christmas Appeal.