Our Advent Calendar full of good things

Welcome to our special 2020 Advent Calendar where each day you’ll have something new to discover – from festive activities and ideas to heart-warming stories from the year.

We hope you enjoy opening each present and seeing how, with the help of our generous supporters, we’re working to make the world a more inclusive place for people with sight loss.

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Meet Keira, who’s helping us make good things happen this Christmas

Keira is the star of our Christmas Appeal this year and she’s determined to help everyone see that by making Christmas more open and inclusive, we can make it even more magical. After all, with just a little help from RNIB elves and our supporters, she gets to enjoy good things like getting a letter from Santa in braille – making her Christmas even more special!

Keira is teaming up with Santa to make good things happen for all children with vision impairments this Christmas. Watch our festive animation to follow their magical adventure together as they deliver presents and joy.

Watch our festive animation