RNIB Christmas Advent Calendar

We all see Christmas differently, as it’s the different traditions we each have that makes this time of year so special. So, whether you have sight loss or not, your experience of the magic of Christmas is the same as everyone else’s, because it’s different. This year, we’re inviting everyone to See Christmas Differently through our festive advent calendar!

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See Christmas Differently

See Christmas Differently

Do you put a fairy on top of the tree, or a star?

Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?

Do you gobble down roast turkey or roast beef?

When it comes to Christmas, there are lots of things that we all instinctively think of; Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and so on…

But, what makes this magical time of year so special are the different traditions we each have: it’s the disgustingly sweet Christmas day breakfast you gulp down every year; it’s going round to gran’s for lunch (because she makes the best Yorkshires); or, maybe it’s the family sitting down to watch Elf for the 15th year running.

For a child with a vision impairment, they enjoy Christmas just the same as everyone else does…differently!

It might be that they know that Santa has been because they feel glitter at the bottom of the stairs on Christmas morning, or they find the half-eaten carrot that Rudolph has snacked on…their experience of the magic of Christmas is the same as every other child, as we all See Christmas Differently.